**240v / 13 Amp - Only 7.5CFM Air Requirement - Quick Build Kit - 750w Pump - BUY ONLINE**

The Ultimate Vapour Blasting Machines

Vapour Blast your own parts


Self-Assembly Vapour Honing Machine


Best Self-Assembly Vapour Blasting Machine in the market


MiniMAX Parts Degreasers


Blast Wash Parts Cleaner. Quick and easy parts cleaning.


Hot Blast Wash Parts Cleaner. Cuts through oil and grease like a hot knife through butter.

Vapour Blasting Machine


Professional Machines

Vapour MAX

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Hydro MAX

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Questions & Answers

It will take you a couple of hours to assemble, no special skills or tools are required, all the bending, drilling and fabrication work is pre done for you. All the wiring is also pre done and simply a case on plugging connectors into the correct sockets. You may need to ‘ease’ some holes by simply drilling with a 5mm drill and you will need to seal all the joints with the sealant provided.

The machine is designed for home / hobby usage and is therefore designed to be compact and bench top operated. The machine has a powerful submersible pump and a 8mm Boron nozzle gun fitted as standard. It has more than enough power to clean any aluminium car and bike parts.

No. The machine has an integral sump, you simply add water and media then use the machine. When the water gets dirty you open a drain valve to drain and replace with fresh water.

No. The machine runs from one single 13 amp 220v socket. The machine is designed for the home / hobby workshop where 3 phase electric is often not an option. The whole machine operates from one single plug, the machine is operated via a foot pedal on / off.

As standard the machine is fitted with a 8mm Boron nozzle, this means you can run the machine from a small shop compressor of 7.5CFM or more, you can reduce the air requirement further by fitting a 6mm nozzle if need be. This will mean parts take slightly longer to clean however.

Well generally speaking nothing ! they are all the same, they all describe a process of cleaning parts using a media suspended in water.


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